I'm Abi.

I’m Abi Johnson and welcome to my flower filled website.

I am the founder and owner of Bohemia Floral Design and it’s been my flowery baby for over the last 8 years. As a little girl I loved gardening and playing with flowers. Whenever the sun shone there I’d be rocking my wellies covered in mud potting up any little plant I could find.

My love for nature and anything pretty never faded even as a teenager I chose for my work experience to go to a florists and the rest is history. I was hooked. I couldn’t believe the amazing world that was the flower industry.

The shop which had taken me in for work experience asked me to become their Saturday girl which I loved. I started at the bottom I couldn’t tell you how many buckets I must have washed. Once I became 16 and left school the shop asked me to become fulltime and that’s when the fun started I learnt everything I could from the other florists I worked with I wanted to know every flower and all the different things I could do with them .

I attended horticultural college to get my floristry qualifications and worked in the shop working my way up to the top. Then bohemia was born. I always think being in a creative industry and working for someone else is like being a beautiful bird trapped in a cage. After 9 years at the shop this little bird wanted to spread her wings.

Bohemia opened its doors in November 2009 at my original base in Hornsea East Yorkshire and since then its gone from strength to strength. Covering all aspects of Floristry.

My favourite part of my job was always weddings I’m definitely a people person and I love getting to know people and hearing all about their ideas for the big day and making them into a reality.

Soon I knew Bohemia’s main focus should definitely be weddings. That way I can give all my time and attention to my gorgeous brides and concentrate on the type of floristry I love the most.

Bohemia has always been a family affair with my amazing parents helping me run things. Those guys ROCK!!.

From 2013 Bohemia has had another home as well in Nottinghamshire. After meeting my lovely hubby who is from the area we set up home in Bingham and I’ve been running my workshops and doing weddings all over the area and well as my beloved Yorkshire.

Having been a bride not too long ago I can totally empathize with brides, planning a wedding isn’t easy and you need a great team of suppliers to lean on when you need them and for them to care as much about your wedding as you do.

So for lots of years now I’ve been lucky enough to have the best job in the world xxxx